The people who make our scanlations possible~!! And they all deserve their love. Even the people who don’t work for us anymore. (On that note, if you’ve done work for us before and are not listed, please let Katze (as she is unfortunately forgetful orz) know so she can give you her proper thanks ♥)

Katze (Group head, hosting, coding, scanning, editing, forum admin)
YaoiKitten (Japanese translation, scanning, editing)
Alice (Japanese translation)

Alia (Japanese translation)
Mercy (Chinese translation)
Mioka (Chinese Translation)
Tnarcheska (Chinese translation)
Frazzled-Niya (Editing)
Ari (Editing)
Shini (Editing)
Reba (Editing)
Sagorsa (Editing)

Yue (Forum admin/moderation, graphics [because Katze said so.], editing when we force her to.)
bucket_shot (Editing when we force her to, adorable mascot)

Crisis (Founder, Chinese translation, editing, scanning)
Sakura (Founder, Chinese translation, editing, scanning)
Risu-chan (Japanese translation, forum moderation)
Pandora (Chinese translation)
Carole (Scanning, editing)
Sana (Scanning, editing)

Kinna (Editing, translating, being a lovely)
–and many, many more!


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