Ai no Aura (Love Master)

No CoverAi no Aura (Love Master)
By: Ichinomiya Sihan
Publisher: Linli

Translator: Sakura (Cold Flower, Mind Breaker & Double Love Shock), Kinna (Private Reason)
Editor: Sakura (Cold Flower, Mind Breaker, & Double Love Shock), Kinna (Private Reason)
Scanner: Sakura
Status: COMPLETE (Sort of. There are 4 more stories in this book, but we chose not to do them. We *may* do them in the future.)

Notes: (from Sakura) Yes, I’m guessing the names again. =) There will never be a book where I’ll ever manage to get all the names right. =) This book was a gift from Crisis Dreams~!! (She’s the dirty one around here~)

Oh, and to spare the confusion, the Japanese title of this book is [Ai no Aura] whilst the Canto title was [Oi go Sou] (which can be translated to … [love master]). ^^

For [Cold Flower], I’m really sorry. I really rushed it so I could finish it in time for the new year… When I was editing it, I accidentally skipped some of the thoughts of Yugou. It was only after I finished uploading everything, that when I re-read my manga, I realized I missed some stuff out. =) But it should make sense right now. =) In future, I might re-do it. (MIGHT. ^^)

Summary:Hmm… 8 stories full of yaoi. Hardcore yaoi. =) NOT for minors.

^0^ Oh, except for Cold Flower. No hardcore there, but if you like cross-dressing guys… =w=` (I KNOW you do!)


2: Cold Flower | 4: Private Reason | | 6: Mind Breaker | 8: Double Love Shock


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