Ongoing Projects

This is the full list of projects we are currently working (have released but have not completed). Clicking a bolded title will take you to its project page, where info and downloads can be found.

Please note that projects that do not have a specific rating on them (R/NC-17) are more-or-less safe for all audiences, but may contain boys love content or partial nudity/kissing. If we start something that we’re unsure of the overall rating, no rating will be given.

Kaori Yuki

Ludwig Kakumei
0 no Soukoushi

Kazune Kawahara


Nezu Akira

Everlasting Love (Yami no Matsuei doujinshi, Tsuzuki/Hisoka, Tsuzuki/Hijiri, NC-17)

Hashiba Rinta

Mind Distance


Koi ni Nattara (Hard R/NC-17)


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