Sono Toki Teina wa Kako wo Mita

No CoverSono Toki Teina wa Kako wo Mita (Teina who can see the past)
By: Kaori Yuki
Publisher: Hakusensha

Translator: Mioka
Editor: Shini
Scanner: Katze
Notes: This is a one-shot that was printed in the Cruel Fairytales tankoubon.

Summary: Teina has the ability to see the past and because of her ability, Sergeant Kaiji has requested for her help in in solving a case involving the sudden brutal killings of policemen. Teina realizes that Kaiji was actually her past life’s lover and agrees to help him. As she tries to see the past, a sudden dark force seems to be stopping her, and she realizes that these murders are more than what they seem.


Sono Toki Teina wa Kako wo Mita


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