Keep Out

Keep OutKeep Out (Tachiiri Kinshi)
By: Udou Shou & Fudou Tsuzumi (Flower Place)
Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Pairing: Ootori Choutarou/Shishido Ryou, Oshitari Yuushi/Shishido Ryou Soft R
Translator: Mimi aka Shiroro
Editor: Katze
Scanner: Katze


Summary: This is part of the Apartment Wives series of doujinshi by this circle, so essentially Shishido and Ootori are married. (Go figure). There are three stories in this doujinshi, one is text-only. Parts 1 & 3 are actual doujinshi (Ootori/Shishido), part 2 is text-only (Oshitari/Shishido & Ootori/Shishido)


Part 1 | Part 2 (Text Only) | Part 3

Complete Zip


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