Mind Distance

Mind DistanceMind Distance
By: Hashiba Rinta
Publisher: Houbunsha

Translator: Sakura (Chapter 1), Alice (Chapter 2), Mioka (Chapter 3a)
Editor: Teresa (Chapter 1), Niya (Chapter 2), Sagorsa (Chapter 3a)
Scanner: Teresa (Chapter 1), Verdancy (Chapter 2), Okaasan (Chapter 3a)

Summary: Yanasegawa is the new doctor at his family’s hospital. Although he is intelligent, he is also a cold and presuming person. Then one day, the privacy of his home is ‘invaded’ by a friendly and outgoing paediatrician at the same hospital. What can Yanasegawa do…? (Some non-con sex, nothing explicit. Shounen-ai.)


Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3a | Incomplete


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