You can donate to Sakura-Crisis in a number of ways. Check it out and see what suits you best 🙂

Monetary Donations

This means spending your hard-earned cash to help us pay for our space and bandwidth. You can do it in one of several ways – Sending any amount you wish via paypal to the email address kamioakira @ (Katze’s paypal), or clicking this phrase and donating directly through the host (and thus giving you the knowledge that anything you donate IS going straight to the hosting bill).

Work Donations

This means offering your services as a translator (Chinese or Japanese), scanner (Chinese or Japanese), or editor. We’re always looking for new staff and freelance staff. Please check out this thread on the forum for a basic gist of our requirements for all of the above and the tests you will need to complete.

Scan Donations

Got something you think we’d be interested in? Scan us a few pages and give us as much info about it as you can (title, author, etc) and we’ll see about it 🙂 Please note that at the present time, we are not looking to scanlate longer manga (more than 3 volumes).

Scans were are currently interested in:

-nothing at the moment 😀

Willing to look at

1) Doujinshi of any of our works, past or present. (Bonus points for Yamada Tarou or based off of Kaori Yuki’s works).
2) Kaori Yuki stuff we’re not already working on.
3) Prince of Tennis doujinshi focusing on the characters of Fudoumine (…this is for Katze >> Any pairing, and bonus points if An-chan is included.)
4) Stuff by authors we’ve worked on previously.
5) Oneshots and short manga similar to what we have been scanlating.

Distro Donations

There are a number of ways you can help us out with distribution of our projects.

– File hosts: Got a bit of spare space and bandwidth on your website? Want to let us use it? Great, we’re always looking for file mirrors. There are three ways of doing this – 1) you upload a few of our files and send us the links, 2) we tell you what we would like mirrors of, you upload and give us the links or 3) you give us a subdomain+ftp account and we upload what we need to. This means your own webspace/bandwidth, not freeservers like MegaUpload and MediaFire.

– IRC Servers/Bots: We would be deeply grateful to anyone who helps to serve our releases via IRC, be it new releases, a certain manga or everything. Dedicated servers/bots will be autovoiced.

-Bittorrent Seeds: Another great way to help, whether you are a dedicated seed (always seeding certain files) or just seed whatever needs to be seeded.


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