Whistle! Doujin Shorts

No CoverAlike People, Ironna Tsugou wo Mushi Shite Masu Seishun Rhapsody & Neon Genesis Tatsubon: THE LAST OF SHIGE
By: RURU/Ultimate Powers (from the anthology RURU -ap the best- Ultimate Powers-hen)
Fandom: Whistle!

Pairing: Shige/Mizuno, Shibusawa/Fujishiro
Translator: Mioka
Editor: Katze
Scanner: Katze

Notes: These were translated from the Chinese version of this anthology, and edited from the Japanese version (as Katze happens to own both, so you can expect more RURU pretties.) A couple of author notes are not included in the scanlation as they do not appear in the Chinese version.

Summary: There are three short stories in this zip – Alike People (Shige/Mizuno), Seishun Rhapsody (Shige/Mizuno, Shibusawa/Fujishiro) & Neon Genesis Tatsubon: THE LAST OF SHIGE (Shige/Mizuno, Shige/Kazamatsuri if you squint hard enough).
Alike People – Shige teases Mizuno about being hungry.
Seishun Rhapsody – Mizuno thinks Shige should be more like Shibusawa, but Fujishiro begs to differ.
Neon Genesis Tatsubon – Mizuno emos because people only like him for his money, Shige says that’s not true . . . But it’s Shige, of course he’s lying.


Whistle! Doujinshi shorts


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