By: Kaori Yuki
Publisher: Hana to Yume

Translator: Crisis (First version & rescanlated version)
Editor: Crisis (First version), Katze (rescanlation parts 1 & 2), Bucket_Shot (rescanlation part 1), Shini (Rescanlation part 2)
Scanner: Crisis (First version), Katze (Rescanlation)

Notes: Rescanlated in better quality.

Summary: Kaine is the red-head singer of a group called “Endorphins”, and quite a popular one at that. His fans love him and all over Tokyo kids are dyeing their hair red, just like him. Unfortunately, one day, Kaine and his twin brother “Shinogu” (who isn’t as popular as Kaine) get into a car accident. Shinogu awakes in the hospital after a coma…only to find that he has been set up to replace his brother Kaine, and everyone thinks that he’s the one who really died in the accident.

It’s too bad that everyone thinks Shinogu is Kaine. It’s too bad that Kaine had a lot of enemies. And it’s too bad that someone might be out to kill Kaine…or is that Shinogu?

*Mild Shonen-ai content – you’ll hardly notice it*


Part 1 | Part 2

Complete Zip


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