Kid S

Kid SKid S
By: Asanami Katsumi/H-MEN
Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Pairing: Inui/Yanagi NC-17)
Translator: no_desu
Editor: no_desu
Scanner: no_desu

Notes: Thank you super secret undercover ninja no_desu for doing this for us ♥ Random other notes if you’re not familiar with the series: Inui & Yanagi have nicknames for each other, “Hakase” and “Kyouju” respectively. Both mean something along the lines of “professor/doctor”, with one more of in a scientific sense while the other in a literary sense.

Summary: Inui can’t figure out why he’s having these strange dreams about Renji, and has issues while on the phone with Renji. Warning: has shota content; ie, series-age Inui having sex with 10 year old Renji (thus Inui’s bizarre dreams).


Kid S


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