If you’d like to come leech, serve, chat or just idle with us on IRC, you may join us by going to the channel #sakura-crisis on the server, but please to be following the rules. If you’re looking for a serving/leeching guide, go here.


  1. While we encourage general chatting, conversation on subjects deemed ‘controversial’ or ‘offensive’ (such as religion, politics, etc) will be broken up at the channel ops/hops discretion. Friendly debates are AOK, getting into fights is not. Continuing in the channel when an op/hop has asked you to stop is a bannable offense.
  2. Colored text is not permitted (with the exception of fserv/request ads).
  3. Flooding (pasting multiple lines of text or the same thing over and over again) is not permitted and can result in a temporary ban.
  4. Servers are to be set to silent with !list.
  5. Request ads are okay if a) you are serving, and b) the ad displays in the channel only once every 90 minutes (or more).
  6. Harassing ops/hops or other users can result in a ban.
  7. Try to keep the language PG-13. We really don’t care about a ‘fuck’ here or there, but try not to have it every other word.
  8. @find is allowed, however, don’t use it for everything. It floods the fservs and can result in you getting banned from a particular user’s fserv.
  9. We encourage you to help serve S-C’s releases, however we ask that you do not serve releases of ours that have been licensed for North American distribution. (Including, but not limited to: Sakende Yaruze!, Alichino, Count Cain/God Child, Casino Lily, Angel Sanctuary, Petshop of Horrors, Yami no Matsuei, and Love Mode.) Projects that have been dropped, but not licensed are fine to serve.


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