Everlasting Love

Everlasting LoveEverlasting Love (Eternal Love Boy Vol. 11)
By: Nezu Akira (Chiteki Kairaku)
Fandom: Yami no Matsuei

Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka, Tsuzuki/Hijiri NC-17
Translator: Aionwatha (Part 1), Alice (Part 2)
Editor: Katze (Part 1 & 2), Aenai (Part 2)
Scanner: Katze


Summary: Tsuzuki shows up at Hisoka’s door one night, and things happen.. Then we move onto the rest of the Shinigami and see what they’re up to 😀 The first part of this doujinshi is VERY graphic, so please keep that in mind if you aren’t old enough, don’t want your parents to see, or don’t like yaoi ^_^ The rest of it seems to be pretty silly (I love Watari’s face xD), there’s a bit of Tsuzuki/Hijiri, random guys hanging out, Hisoka masturbates . . . All in good fun. 8D


Part 1 | Part 2 | Incomplete


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