Frequently Asked Questions

…Essentially just copy/pasted from the old site. PLEASE read before emailing us!

Friendly reminder: When emailing, for the love of ALL THAT IS RIGHTEOUS AND HOLY do not ask us any of the questions that have a big fat NO as their answer T___T! Also, please make sure your typing is legible -.- It’s one thing if English is not your first language and you have a difficult time typing in English, but an entirely different one if you’re a native English speaker and try to email us with “Lyk u gurlz r so koo’!!oneichieleven11juuichi12exclamationpoint! I luv ur sit LOLX0RZ” Not only is it irritating as hell, no one thinks you’re cool. We’d rather try to decipher what someone who can speak 5 words of English is trying to say than translate whatever you are.

Q: Where can I buy the English version of [insert manga found on sakura-crisis]?

Sorry, but you can’t! ;__; You see, sakura-crisis is a *scanlation* site, which means that ordinary people scan in their manga and then translate it and edit it so that you can read the manga AND see the English text at the same time. We’re not a business like VIZ Comics, and we don’t publish or sell our stuff. Soooo you can’t buy whatever we have up here! Sorry sorry!

Q: Can I use your scanlations and edit them into German/Spanish/French/Italian etc. scanlations for my page?

Aha! Here’s a pretty frequently asked question. We used to let people do this but it caused waaaaay too much trouble (improper credit, people never updating, multiple sites scanlating things, etc. Sooo the answer is “No” now. Sorry! Please don’t ask us for this anymore! Buuuuuttt since I know people will ignore this rule anyway, if you do decide to be an ass and use our scans and translations, at least have the decency to credit the original scanner/translator/editor.

Q: Can I repost your scanlations on my site or distribute them in my mailing list? or Can I host your files on my FTP server?

The simple answer to that is no. The only exceptions to this are if you are hosting files for Sakura-Crisis itself, or if you would like to post them to a Livejournal scan community such as yaoi_daily or crimsonevening (this is your permission, girls, have a blast, but remember to credit us). All of our releases are available via HTTP, so there’s really no need to upload the zips elsewhere. We would like to ask that you do not distribute dropped projects that have been licensed. Please do not upload our new works to the free_manga LJ (or any similar) community, everything is readily available on the site as it is.

Q: Can I use parts of your scanlations to make a layout for my site? ^^

Sure you can, as long as you link back to us with credit! (Oh, and please please please email us when you are done so that we can link to you too and we can look at your gorgeous layout!)

Q: Will you be my sister site/affiliate/partner site/blah blah blah?

We are always considering. Please send us your URL and tell us briefly what your site is about. We especially favour sites that are similar to ours. (some examples are: offers original (ie: not stolen) scanlations, shonen-ai/yaoi-ish, gothic manga-ish, Kaori Yuki, shoujo, original comics, etc.)

Q: Nooo! You discontinued [insert manga title here]!! BRING IT BACK!!!

*sniff* Yes, we also get really depressed when we make a decision to discontinue something. However, we usually have thought about it for a long time and have decided that discontinuing the manga will benefit both us and the majority of our visitors. We are still willing to bring discontinued titles back, IF you can give us proof that no other manga scanlation site is working on this. (or the site that is working on it hasn’t updated since ancient times) After all, it’s pretty pointless for two sites to work on the same manga, right? x__X Please please *please* don’t ask about Angel Sanctuary, Yami no Matsuei, or anything we’ve dropped that is licensed. We’re not bringing it back!

Q: I have a layout/picture/fanfic/etc. to donate to your site. Can I?

Because it’s a bit of a pain in the butt to have a fanworks section, the short answer is no. However, you are more than welcome to post your work at our Livejournal community 🙂 As for layouts, certainly ^^ Please be aware, however, that this site runs on wordpress and some layouts simply won’t work (frame layouts, etc).

Q: How else can I contribute to this site, besides giving fanworks or being an editor/translator/scanner/etc.?

You have several ways you can help Sakura-Crisis if you cannot edit/translate/scan – you can donate a few dollars to help pay our hosting bill, you can donate some space on your server to host projects on, you can seed on bittorrent or you can help serve our releases on IRC. Any help at all is greatly appreciated ^^

Q: When are you going to update? Update now!!!

We update what we can, when we can ^^; Our updates depend entirely on if we have scans/translations/editors to work with ^^; If we have 4 chapters of Love Mode to update with, we’ll update it. If we don’t have a chapter/part of *insert title here* to update with, we can’t ^^; However YOU can help us update things faster by offering your scanning/editing/translating services 🙂

Q: Will you scanlate [insert name of manga]?

Tell us the title, author, and make sure (make sure make sure make sure) that it is not licensed and not being scanlated by someone else. If you have a scan of the cover (or a picture pulled off the net) it would be nice for us to look at it. 🙂 If you have the manga and you want us to scanlate it while you scan, please give us a one double-page sample scan so we can see if it’s feasible for us or not. 😀

Some manga types not to bother suggesting (hehe…umm…) – Extra soppy and mushy romance manga such as Kitagawa Miyuki types, Clamp (practically all their stuff is licensed anyway), hentai, mecha stuff (Gundam, etc. – doujinshi from such series are ok)

Some manga types to consider – Comedy, gothic, shonen-ai, yaoi, cute love stuff with a kinky twist, supernatural, horror.

Some manga which are being done by 20 different scanlation groups but we still get asked to do, so please don’t ask (^^) : Fruits Basket and Hanakimi (…They’re licensed anyway…).

Q: [insert link] is broken!

If it’s a link hosted on the site it could be one of two things – throttle bandwidth (500 gb) for the month has been hit, or the file was linked incorrectly. If it is the first reason, please wait until the end of the month or try to grab it from IRC/BT. If it is the second, please email!

If it’s any other hoster or link…PLEASE email us about it. These type of emails really help, and we fix all broken links within a day of finding out about them.

Q: I downloaded a zip file, but I can’t open it or I some files in it are corrupted or I can’t see anything inside of it.

All right! First, please re-download the file again. This problem is usually caused by incomplete downloads or faulty downloads. 98% of the time, it should work now. ^^ If it still doesn’t work, then email us about it! XD

Q: Is sakura-crisis a YAOI site?

LOL. No, we’re a site that scanlates stuff which we like. We like certain yaoi manga, so we scanlate them, but we’ve got so much more! We have lots of straight stuff too, and non-relationship stuff (such as Yamada Tarou ToT).

Q: Can I translate/edit/scan for sakura-crisis?

^___^ = yes. We love help from people. Help from people lets us update more frequently. If you want to help, please email us! (If you want to be an editor, either submit a sample of your work or we can give you a sample to work on. ^^)

Q: Any specific editor/scanner/translator requirements though?

(Katze will update this soon)

All staff should be able to finish a 35 page manga in a month or earlier, and if Katze forgets to assign you something, bug her to death because she has a terrible memory. Oh, and it would really great if you knew FTP. ^^ Most of our assignments are given out through FTP because the files tend to be so big. If you don’t know it, it would be great if you had an open-mind to learn it though! It’s soooo easy to learn. You would only need 3 lines of instructions, tops!

Q: Can you make [insert title] zipped, or make [insert other title] online?

No! I’m sorry, but we tried doing both before and it was a pain. Most of our things are zipped now because we have found that they are easier to manage AND more people like zipped things. ^^ Zipped things remain zipped, online remain online. XD As of the site’s relaunch, we no longer have manga for online viewing.

Q: Why didn’t you reply to my email about “so and so”?

We reply to all mail (even the one liner “your site rocks” kind ^^ ) because it’s only polite to thank someone who’s taking the trouble to write something (it just might take a while sometimes XD)! However, if your questions are already answered on the FAQ page, we will not reply to those questions. Particular topics which we’re *still* getting and are answered all over our site are…

1) “Bring back Angel Sanctuary. Even if you don’t continue it, bring back the discontinued ones.” We can’t do this because we deleted it from our server to give you bandwidth for other ongoing manga, and we don’t have the files anymore. It’s been licensed in English for years, btw.

2) “Continue Angel Sanctuary!!” See above. -__-

3) “When will you update *so and so*?”

4) “I can’t see zips. Could you snail mail me the scanlations?” (Um…excuse me?)

5) “Can I rescan your stuff into another language?” (*sniff* Doesn’t anyone read the FAQ? Wahhhhh!)

Q: Where’s Sakura?

She became the Supreme Ruler of New Zealand and doesn’t have time for us anymore. (Real answer: We have no clue.)

Q: Where’s Crisis?

She’s off becoming a pop super-star in Hong Kong. (Real answer: She’s back in HK and isn’t online very often anymore.)

Q: So if Sakura and Crisis are gone, why is the site still “Sakura-Crisis”?

Reason 1) Katze likes the name because it sounds cool (particularly if you don’t know it was clearly named after the founders…).
Reason 2) It really wouldn’t be fair to continue the founders’ group and not keep the name in their honor 🙂


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