Shinshi Petenshi no Tashinami

Shinshi Petenshi no TashinamiShinshi Petenshi no Tashinami (The Pastime of a Gentleman Trickster)
By: Yamada D. Yonezoh aka Nekota Yonezoh (Komeya)
Fandom: Prince of Tennis

Pairing: Niou/Yagyuu/Niou
Translator: Athena
Editor: Leah (initial cleaning), Katze (additional cleaning & typesetting)
Scanner: Leah

Notes: I’d like to give a huge thank you to both Leah and Athena, for whom without this doujinshi never would have been done. (Komeya does D1 homg). Also, released for Niou’s birthday. XD

Summary: Niou and Yagyuu had sex. Yagyuu never wants to have sex with Niou again. Niou would rather have sex with a cute girl. And then they agree to have sex again. (Katze still fails at summaries? Who cares, it’s pretty.)


Shinshi Petenshi no Tashinami


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