Gravel Kingdom

No CoverGravel Kingdom
By: Kaori Yuki
Publisher: Hana to Yume

Translator: Crisis, Pandora (atogaki & sidenotes, Chapter 4)
Editor: Tania (Chapters 1 & 3), Crisis (Chapters 2 & 4)
Scanner: Crisis


Summary: Kirameki is the young hero of this story, and he is the heir to the throne of a kingdom in the middle of the desert. You see, the desert people and the humans have been at war for awhile now, and Kira’s kingdom could be attacked at any moment, even if it is protected by the water goddess. This is well…a story about the war and about a few key characters — Kirameki (prince), Kanai (bodyguard), Worry (a seemingly ordinary girl, though they never are, are they?), and Saga (villain who everyone loves. Why do people always love villains so much? Oh well, I love him too). 😀



1: Kirameki | 2: Kanai | 3: Worry | 4: Saga

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