Ludwig Kakumei

Ludwig KakumeiLudwig Kakumei
By: Kaori Yuki
Publisher: Hakusensha (Serialized in Betu Hana to Yume)

Translator: Risu-chan
Editor: Carole
Scanner: Carole
Notes: Many thanks to…

– Risu-chan for searching high and low and finally finding Ludwig Kakumei
– Carole and Risu-chan who mailed the large Betu Hana to Yume book back and forth across the states ^x^

Summary: In the true spirit of Kaori Yuki, essential rewrites of popular fairytales (Snow White, etc.).


Volume 1 Chapter 1a | Chapter 1b | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3a | Chapter 3b | Chapter 3c | INCOMPLETE


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