Upcoming Projects

These are projects that actually are upcoming – as in they’re currently being scanned, translated or edited. We do have a few other projects in mind, but at the moment we have not started to work on them (probably because one of us is lazy to scan. :3)

Kaori Yuki

Tokyo Top (Oneshot)
Magical Mystery Tour (Oneshot)

Stonehenge (Oneshot)

Satsuki Utsubushi

Flower Panic! (Maria-sama ga Miteru doujinshi)

Bergenbrau 5960

Pussy Cat [AKA Faster, Pussy Cat! Kill! Kill!] (Prince of Tennis doujinshi)

Shimizu Yuki

Be-Boy 18 (Oneshot – currently unsure of title)
Be-Boy Zips 9 (Oneshot – currently unsure of title)

Aoi Yuumu/Hitodedo

(Tenipuri Doujin) Love Sickness SIDE: Bunta Marui
(Tenipuri Doujin) Love Sickness SIDE: Masaharu Niou

(Tenipuri Doujin) Childlike Performer #2

Miwa Azusa & Tomomi Sakakibara/Juuokubunritsu
(Gundam SEED Doujin) Cassini no Kuugeki

(Naruto Doujin) A Desire for Exclusive Possession

Takagi Ryo

Nakamura Shungiku
Root W.P.B


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